A Wednesday Evening Bible Study

    “They will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God their Savior.  Such is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your face, God of Jacob.”                Psalm 24:5-6

It is such a blessing to gather together on an evening to reflect together with other Christians upon the Word of God.  When we study God’s Word and pray together there is an immense blessing which is received by those who are gathered together.  This past Wednesday Evening we gathered together to reflect upon Psalm 24.  Our reflections focused upon the following brief points.

1) In verses 1 & 2 we discovered that the Lord is the Sovereign owner of all that He has created.  We belong to Him and are therefore called to live in submission to His Will.  This provides the foundation for everything else that the Psalmist will tell us.

2) In verses 3 through 6 the characteristics of a true worshipper are described.  Such a person is holy in every way.  Only through holiness can we enter into God’s Heavenly Sanctuary.  Immediately we recognise that this can not possibly be describing us because we are full of sin.  There is only one who is holy and therefore able to enter God’s Sanctuary, that is our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here is where great blessing is given to us however.  A careful examination of the wording of verse five, which describes all those who are seeking the Lord, reveals the Lord’s plan to bless us.

“He shall receive a blessing from the Lord.  And righteousness from the God of Salvation.”

The Psalmist points us to the imputed righteousness that the Lord gives to all who will genuinely seek Him in faith.  Abraham, we are told, believed God and it was imputed to Him as Righteousness. (Genesis 15:6)   It is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that we are redeemed through His Righteousness, not through our own.  What a precious blessing this is.

3) In verses 7 through 10 we encounter a question and a promise which is repeated in order to establish it as a certainty.  The question is “Who is this King of Glory?”  The promise which follows in answer to the question is “The Lord strong and mighty in battle.”  The point is that the King of Glory, the Messiah is God mighty in battle.  He has come in to wage battle on the cross for us and in doing so He has triumphed over everything that keeps us from entering God’s Presence.  He has even triumphed over death, so that we may be raised with Him.

Such blessing through the words of the Psalmist.  Won’t you come and join us next Wednesday as we continue our reflections on the Psalms with Psalm 25.  May God richly Bless you.