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About…  First Baptist Church – Brampton

The briefest of histories, with apologies to our Church historian for the editing. (Webmaster)

Work began in Brampton by Elders William Cook & John Harris of Toronto in the 1850s.

In 1856 Elder Brooks & Elder William Millard took over and the Chapel and residence was built on Centre Road north of the cemetery.  Centre Road is today known as Main St. – Highway 10.

Work on the Brampton Church and congregation waned until 1873 when 9 Baptists began a new work on the old site.  This is why we look upon 1873 as the beginning of our Church.

In 1875-76 construction of a new building at Main & Wellington Sts. was completed and open in June 1876 with Reverend E. J. Stobo as minister.

In the 135 years following this opening this Church has weathered storms of every kind – 2 World Wars, The Great Depression, Korean War and the vast changes that have been wrought  by an ever changing, ever challenging society.

Some significant events:

1873 – 9 persons and Reverend Stobo

1874 – 31 members

1875-76 – new Church built

1876 – official opening of the new Church

1914 – 1st WW – 32 young men from the Church went overseas – 5 killed in action

1927 – building enlarged – for the new organ & pipes, more space for SS, new heating system installed

1957 – electronic organ installed as memorial to those who fell in 2 wars

1962 – Church building again enlarged with a new front entrance

1977 – new congregation is formed in Heart Lake

2001 – March 24th fire in Church destroys ministers study, sanctuary

2002 –  May 22 We move back into our new Church which still has one pew left from the old sanctuary