“They devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  Acts 2:42

As we restart this Pastor’s Blog I think that it is important that we remind ourselves of the principles upon which we began this work back in 2011.  I am therefore reposting the inaugural blog post from April 2011.

This past week I have been reflecting upon what I could write as a good beginning for this Pastor’s Blog.  Perhaps the best place for me to begin is with a focus upon the principles I have been following as I have worked as a Pastor here in Brampton.   These are centred upon the building of a truly Spiritual Church.  Over the past years we have been emphasising the principles found in Acts 2:42.  This was the text for my first sermon here twenty two years ago.  We have returned to this theme frequently.  In this text we discover the crucial principles upon which every healthy Church must be built.  These are found below.

1) A truly Spiritual Church must be built upon the Apostles’ Doctrine.  This doctrine is contained in the Scriptures.  The Apostles, under the leading of the Holy Spirit laboured in the Word of God.  Out of this labour they developed the teaching which is contained in the New Testament.  For this reason we focus upon expository preaching and teaching in all of our communications.  The focus of this blog will be to write expositions of the Scriptures which we have recently focused upon.

2) A truly Spiritual Church must also be built upon fellowship.  This is a sharing together in the life of Christ.  Our goal and our hope for all that we do is to build this type of warm hearted life into all that we do together.

3) A truly Spiritual Church must also be built upon the celebration of the Breaking of Bread, or the Lord’s Table.  The Scriptures tell us that this is a crucial proclamation of the death of the Lord until He returns.  It is therefore a cross centred, evangelistic celebration.  There is a suggestion in the New Testament that the Lord’s Table extended beyond a communion ritual to the sharing of a love feast together.  For this reason it is our hope that our sharing of meals together as a fellowship will reflect the reality of a gracious, love filled proclamation of the cross.

4) A truly Spiritual Church will be a Church which is growing in its commitment to and practice of prayer.  We pray in order to reflect the Glory of God.  We also pray that His power and grace might be actively at work among us.  We are constantly seeking to encourage people to be growing in prayerfulness.  We are committed to prayer times at all of the events at our Church.  A prayer list is published in our bulletin, as well as in our monthly prayer journey calendar. Here we begin to experience the power of God in our lives.

In everything we are seeking to do here we are committed to experiencing and sharing the love of Christ as a fellowship here in the heart of Brampton.  Check back often to see what progress we are making.